Full Stack

Duration: 7 weeks

Full Stack Developer

  • Introduction to Internet/Client Server Technology.
  • What is Http and what role it plays in modern internet/Client Server technology?
  • Introduction Html-5 and Html. Differences and its application in browsers.
  • Debugging of Html Pages and other related stuff.
  • HTML/HTML-5 basics to advance topics.
  • Introduction and basic to advance CSS. CSS2 and CSS3 and its implementation.
  • Introduction to JavaScript.
  • Basic to advance JavaScript. How to code and debug.
  • Discussion and implementation of ES6 to latest JavaScript standards.
  • Introduction to responsive web design. Details about Bootstrap and its implementation on web site.
  • Introduction and discussion about other responsive libraries like Material UI.
  • Introduction to JQuery and its implementation with examples.
  • Project about web design with JavaScript

Note: After this stage, student should be capable to develop a complete website and attain a job as Web Designer/ Front End Developer

  • Introduction to SQL Server 2014.
  • Details and practice about SQL language.
  • Details and practice about different types of queries as well as other features in SQL Server as:
  • Details of TSQL Coding.
  • Stored Procedures
  • Views
  • User Defined Functions
  • Cursors
  • And others


Introduction to .net Technology. Explain in details about its implementation.

  • Introduction to C# language. It’s Basic to advance implementation with examples.
  • Details about Object oriented concepts along with the implementation and important libraries.
  • Discussion about Object relation Mapping.
  • Detail explanation with Entity framework.
  • Introduction to database access from C#. Discuss different type of ado.net data access libraries.
  • Details and implementation of LINQ and Entity Framework.
  • Implementation of Entity Framework Code First Approach.
  • Introduction to asp.net web forms with its history within .net framework.
  • Details about asp.net web forms basics, controls and other features.

Note: After this stage, student should be capable to work as a asp.net developer as well as SQL Server database developer.


Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture. Discussion about SOA and its condition and uses.

  • Discussion about system integration.
  • Introduction and details about Microsoft oriented Web Services and Windows Communication Foundation.
  • Introduction to Asp.net MVC. Details about MVC and its working with details.
  • Implementation of asp.net MVC with entity framework and SQL Server Database.
  • Introduction and details of AngularJS1, AngularJS2, AngularJS4 to latest.
  • Introduction to Asp.net web API. Details about its application and working.
  • Introduction of tools to Test/monitor of API like Postman/Fiddler and swagger.
  • Discuss working of individual API as well as API with MVC client
  • Project with Asp.net backend and Angular.

Note: After this stage, students should be capable to work as Full Stack developer(Front end as well as Back End)

Introduction to development methodologies.

  • Details about Agile/Scrum and its implementation.
  • Details about Git/Hub and Bitbucket with JIRA and commit procedures.

React JS

  • Discuss in detail about react JS Library and Features.
  • Detail discussion about Basics of React JS Library.
  • Beginning to advance level as Redux and Hooks.
  • Integration of third party libraries like Bootstrap/Axios etc.
  • Front end coding project with React JS.
  • Development of different type of options and aspects of React JS.
  • Develop an application with ASp.net Web API as back End and consumption of API with React JS front end using visual Studio Code. Usage of SQL Server as its database.


  • Discuss in detail about Angular Library.
  • Discuss about different versions of Angular from 2 to latest.
  • Details about Typescript and its implementation in Angular.
  • Details about the library features like modules,class, components and services.
  • Detailed discussions/example about components development and interactions.
  • More details about other advanced features like promises and observables.
  • Integration of third party libraries like Bootstrap and others.
  • Front end coding project with Angular.
  • Develop an application with ASP.NET Web API as back End and consumption of API with Angular as front end using Visual Studio Code. Usage of SQL Server as database.

Introduction to GIT and Azure DevOps.

  • Project developed under source code control and commits.
  • Introduction to .Net Core.
  • Comparison with regular .Net framework.
  • Development of .net Core based project with code first approach and .net core latest version.

 Note: After this stage students should be able to work as Front-end developer using ReactJS with any backend technology

Pre-requisite for Program – Programming Language – Any one of the following: C, C++, Java, Python

Job roles: Web developer, Front-end developer, Full-stack developer, .Net developer

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