Full Stack

Duration: 6 weeks

Full Stack Developer

  • Introduction to Internet/Client Server Technology.
  • What is Http and what role it plays in modern internet/Client Server technology?
  • Introduction Html-5 and Html. Differences and its application in browsers.
  • Debugging of Html Pages and other related stuff.
  • HTML/HTML-5 basics to advance topics.
  • Introduction and basic to advance CSS. CSS2 and CSS3 and its implementation.
  • Introduction to JavaScript.
  • Basic to advance JavaScript. How to code and debug.
  • Introduction to responsive web design. Details about Bootstrap and its implementation on web site.
  • Introduction to JQuery and its implementation with examples.
  • Project about web design with JavaScript

Note: After this stage, student should be capable to develop a complete website and attain a job as Web Designer/ Front End Developer

  • Introduction to SQL Server 2014.
  • Details and practice about SQL language.
  • Details and practice about different types of queries as well as other features in SQL Server as:

– Views
– Stored Procedures
– Cursors
– Triggers
– Others

Introduction to .net Technology. Explain in details about its implementation.

  • Introduction to C# language. It’s Basic to advance implementation with examples.
  • Details about Object oriented concepts along with the implementation and important libraries.
  • Discussion about Object relation Mapping.
  • Detail explanation with Entity framework.
  • Introduction to database access from C#. Discuss different type of ado.net data access libraries.
  • Details and implementation of LINQ and Entity Framework.
  • Introduction to asp.net web forms with its history within .net framework.
  • Details about asp.net web forms basics, controls and other features.

Note: After this stage, student should be capable to work as a asp.net developer as well as SQL Server database developer.

Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture. Discussion about SOA and its condition and uses.

  • Discussion about system integration.
  • Introduction and details about Microsoft oriented Web Services and Windows Communication Foundation.
  • Implementation of Web Services and WCF in .net project.
  • Tools to work and test with Web Service.
  • Introduction to Asp.net MVC. Details about MVC and its working with details.
  • Implementation of asp.net MVC with entity framework and SQL Server Database.
  • Introduction and details of AngularJS1, AngularJS2 and AngularJS4.
  • Introduction to Asp.net web API. Details about its application and working.
  • Discuss working of individual API as well as API with MVC client
  • Project with Asp.net backend and AngularJS.

Note: After this stage, students should be capable to work as Full Stack developer( Front end as well as Back End)

Introduction to development methodologies.

  • Details about Agile/Scrum and its implementation.
  • Details about Git/Hub and Bitbucket with JIRA and commit procedures.

Introduction to React JS 

  • Discuss in details about react JS Library and Features.
  • Beginning to advance level as Redux and Hooks.
  • Front end coding project with React JS.
  • Develop an application with ASp.net Web API as back End and consumption of API with React JS front end using visual Studio Code.

Introduction to latest Angular 10

  • Discuss in detail about Angular Library and Features.
  • Details about the library features along with implementation.
  • Beginning to advance level.
  • Front end coding project with Angular.
  • Develop an application with ASP.NET Web API as back End and consumption of API with Angular as front end using Visual Studio Code.

Introduction to GIT and Azure DevOps.

  • Project developed under source code control and commits.
  • Introduction to .Net Core.
  • Comparison with regular .Net framework.
  • .Net Core base Project Development.

 Note: After this stage students should be able to work as Front end developer using ReactJS with any backend technology

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