Business Analysis & Business Intelligence

Duration: 6 weeks

Classes only on Weekends


  • Software Life Cycle Basics: Waterfall and Agile
  • Case Studies SCRUM – Agile Project Management
  • Domain Knowledge – Financial Services, Capital Markets, Technology, Telecom, and Insurance
  • Assignment(s) – Business and IT, BRD case studies

Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
a. Identification & Profiling of Stakeholders
b. Understanding the Stakeholder Analysis Matrix
c. Determining the Business Analysis Approach: Plan-Driven vs. Change Driven
d. Planning Business Analysis Activities and Communication
e. Understanding the Contents of the Requirements Management Plan
f. Understanding Requirements Attributes
g. Monitoring and Managing Business Analysis Performance

Requirements Management and Communication
a. Managing Solution Scope and Requirements
b. Creating the Requirements Traceability Matrix
c. Preparing Requirements Packages
d. Types of Requirements
i. Business Requirements
ii. Functional Requirements Specifications
Overview the Use Case Methodology
iii. Non-Functional Requirements Specifications
Understanding Different Types of Non-Functional Requirements
iv. Technical & Design Constraints
e. Managing Requirements Communication Activities

a. Preparing for Elicitation
b. Conducting Elicitation
c. Documenting and Conforming Elicitation Results
d. Requirements Elicitation Techniques – JAD, Brainstorming, White Boarding

Managing issue workflow & Jira Reports

Service Now
a. Introduction to ServiceNow
c. Services of ServiceNow
d. ServiceNow Instance
e. Generating Developer Instance
f.  ServiceNow User Interface (UI)
g. Fundamentals- Applications and Modules




  • Introduction to BI
  • Setup
  • SQL – part 1


  • SQL – part 2
  • Advanced SQL Analytic queries
  • Data – warehouse concepts


  • Overview of Data Science process
  • Data Visualization
  • Tableau – part 1


  • Tableau – part 2
  • Overview of ETL tool


  • Introduction to Power BI

Pre-requisite for Program: Good communication skills, Microsoft Office

Job roles: Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Product Manager, Project Manager