System Admin & AWS Infrastructure

Duration: 6-7weeks

Duration 6-7weeks


Centos7/ ubuntu 20.04 1

  • Linux (Cenos7/ubuntu 20.04)
  • Linux installation, network types, File permission and ownerships
  • System utility, Processes and schedule commands
  • Crons, Raid, LVM, iscsi and storages
  • Disk Management and Run Levels
  • nfs, ftp and httpd configurations with mounting format practices


Windows Server 2019/2012

  • Managing Active Directory objects, including users, computers, groups, and more
  • Administering Windows Server Group Policy settings and preferences
  • Managing DNS on a Windows Server
  • WSUS Configuration to ensure clients and servers have the most recent updates
  • Implementing and Managing DHCP
  • Windows Server folder quotas and file screens
  • Covers Microsoft Group Policy
  • Use Windows Server Hyper-V to create and manage virtual machines
  • Understand Windows Server built-in monitoring tools
  • Backup and Restore Windows Server and Implement Failover Clustering
  • Storage Network File System (NFS) and iSCSI Initiator


VSPHERE and vcenter

  • Install An ESXi Host, virtual machines, Templates And Cloning, Content Library Templates and Snapshots
  • Deploy And Configure The VCenter Server Appliance with sso
  • Joining A Domain with Roles and Permissions
  • Monitor Tasks, Events, And Appliance Health
  • Manage Standard and Distributed Switches
  • Manage VMFS and NFS Datastores, iscsi ,nfs
  • Write Custom Specification scripts
  • VSphere VMotion And VSphere Storage VMotion
  • Create, Use Alarms To Report Conditions, Events
  • Covers DRS Cluster, HA and Fault Tolerance
  • Update ESXi Hosts Using Baselines



  • Configure VPC & Networking, CLI setup, usage on EC2
  • Services: EC2, RDS, Aurora, ECS. ElastiCache, ElasticSearch
  • Monitoring and Audit: CloudWatch, CloudTrail
  • Messaging with SQS, SNS and Kinesis
  • AWS Lambda Serverless
  • Covers Security with KMS, SSM Parameter Store, IAM Policies , SSO with okta
  • Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, EBS, EFS, Route 53, RDS, S3, CloudFront
  • CICD – CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodePipeline, CodeDeploy



  • local and remote repository.
  • Git commands, such as add, remove, commit, and checkout.
  • Understand Git ‘Branches’ and how to add, remove, and merge them.



  • Terraform Basics Workflow using Terraform CLI include terraform validate, init, plan, apply, show and destroy
  • Updating Your Configuration with More Resources
  • Provider, state file, HCL syntax & Style to Your Configuration
  • Understanding Terraform state file
  • Terraform Resource Behavior & Lifecycle
  • Terraform Resources Meta-Argument such as depends_on, count,for_each,provider and lifecycle
  • Using Terraform for Create Cloud Provider Compute Resources and modules


Cover’s basic on Ansible, Jenkins, vagrant, docker and Kubernetes

Total Training Hours will be 50.


Pre-requisite for Program: Linux and Basic Understanding of Cloud computing

Job roles: Cloud Support Engineer, AWS Engineer, Network Specialist, Systems Engineer

First time ever a unique training program combining different areas of infrastructure management all together in a single program. Linux System Administration and AWS Cloud Infrastructure Management.