Cyber Security

Duration: 6 weeks

Classes only on Weekends

Week 1, Day 1

Introduction to Cybersecurity

  • The Role of a Security Analyst: A Day in the Life
  • Fundamentals of Security Operations Centres (SOC)

Networking and Web Fundamentals

  • Basics of Network Architecture
  • Refresher on Networking Concepts
  • Comparing OSI and TCP/IP Models
  • The Mechanics of the Web
    • Exploring DNS in Depth
    • Understanding HTTP
    • The Functioning of Websites
    • Integrating Web Technologies

Week 1, Day 2

Basics of Operating Systems

  • Getting Started with Linux
  • Getting Started with Windows

Week 2, Day 1

Key Cybersecurity Concepts

  • Exploring the Cyber Kill Chain
  • Overview of the MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools

  • A Guide to Using CyberChef
  • Introduction to Wireshark
  • Getting to Know Network Miner
  • An Overview of SquareX
  • Learning about Phishme Tool

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Tools

  • Utilizing Virus Total
  • Exploring Hybrid Analysis
  • Insights into
  • Introduction to
  • Features of Domain Tools
  • Discovering
  • Additional OSINT Resources

Week 2, Day 2

Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

  • Preparing Your Lab
  • The Ethical Hacker's Approach
    • The Art of Reconnaissance
    • Techniques for Scanning and Enumeration
    • Basics of Exploitation
  • Getting Started with Nessus

Week 3, Day 1

Malware Analysis and Response to Incidents

  • Conducting Malware Analysis
    • Setting Up a Malware Analysis Lab
    • Performing Basic Static Analysis
    • Conducting Basic Dynamic Analysis

Week 3, Day 2

  • Essentials of Digital Forensics
    • Understanding Memory Concepts
    • Tools for Data Acquisition
    • Analysing Windows Memory
    • Analysing Linux Memory
  • Real-Time Incident Response Scenarios

Week 4, Day 1

Cloud Security and Introduction to AWS

  • Core Principles of Cloud and Docker
  • Basics of AWS Services
    • Getting to Know Amazon EC2
    • Exploring Amazon S3
    • Understanding Amazon VPC
    • Introduction to AWS IAM
  • Launching an EC2 Instance
    • How to Launch an EC2 Instance
    • Configuring Security Groups
  • Installing Elastic Search Using Docker
    • Docker Installation on EC2
    • Deploying Elastic Docker Images
    • Endpoint Log Management

Week 4, Day 2

  • Managing AWS Incident Responses
    • Analysis of Incidents
    • Containment and Mitigation Strategies
    • Reporting After an Incident

Week 5, Day 1

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

  • Introduction to Qradar SIEM
    • Lab Setup Instructions
    • Discussing Qradar Architecture
    • Developing Detection Strategies

Week 5, Day 2

  • Administration and Management of Qradar
  • Deploying Qradar on AWS
  • Sample Use Cases for Qradar

Week 6, Day 1

Advanced Cybersecurity Topics

  • In-depth Email Analysis
  • Collaborative Security: Purple Team Dynamics

Week 6, Day 2

  • Fundamentals of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) + Threat Hunting
  • Getting Acquainted with Open-Source Tools
  • How to Select the Right Tools for SecOps

Pre-requisite for Program: Basic understanding of Operating Systems, good understanding of Networking concepts
Job roles: Security Engineer, Cyber Security Specialist, Cyber Security Analyst, Ethical Hacker