DevOps & MS Azure

Duration: 6 weeks (40 Hrs)

Classes only on Weekends

CI/CD tools and Azure cloud DevOps

Creating a .Net Application  

– Installing Visual Studio 2019

– Creating an ASP.Net Core website

– Creating a web page

GitHub fundamentals and integration

– Creating a Git repository

– Pushing ASP.Net Core website to Git

– Basic Git commands


– Creating a new job in Jenkins

– Getting Jenkins setup with Github

– Creating a new build in Jenkins

– Updating and rebuilding the application in Jenkins


– Creating an Octopus project

– Integrating Jenkins with Octopus

– Setting up Octopus lifecycle

– Creating releases of ASP.Net Core website in Octopus

Azure cloud  DevOps

– Setting up continuous integration of ASP.Net Core website

– Setting up continuous deployment of ASP.Net Core website

– Overview of Azure Github integration

– Deploying application to Azure

Fundamentals of containerization and Kubernetes

Containerization using Docker

– The Docker Story

– Introduction to Images

– Creating Images

– System Commands

– Volumes

– Plugins

Container Orchestration using Kubernetes

– Docker Networking Basics

– Docker Compose

– Scaling Out with Swarm & Kubernetes

– Managing Secrets

Familiarity with:

2-3 Years of Software development  or IT Operations experience