August 21, 2019

Decoding the path to gain a successful Canadian tourist visa

Being the world’s second largest country, Canada has a diverse landscape and culture due to which many people want to visit Canada and eventually reside there. The Northern lights, glaciers and spectacular snowy mountains along with sky high state of the art buildings makes Canada the best tourist spot. At last, there is something or the other for every traveler in Canada. To travel to Canada, you have to apply for a tourist visa. Many people do not realize how easily your application can fail, which is people wonder about the question “How to get tourist visa for Canada?”  Decoding the path to gain a successful Canadian tourist visa

Submit the required documents

Submitting the required documents listed by the IRCC is the first step in convincing the officials that you will return to your home country. The document list includes the following:

  • Application forms
  • Application fees
  • Photos
  • Passport
  • Proof of financial support
  • Photocopy of your return ticket and travel itinerary
  • Additional documents requested by your local visa office

Making the purpose of your visit clear

Once you submit the documents, you have to be convincing about the purpose of your visit to Canada. Hence, the purpose and the length of your trip should go hand in hand. If you present any incorrect information on your application, your application will be denied.

Legal status of citizenship

If you have dual citizenship, permanent residence or temporary status mention it in your application and make sure that your supporting travel and immigration documents are current when you apply.

Civil history

You have to mention your civil, employment and financial records in your application. Bank statements, health and travel insurance are also required as evidence to make sure your statements show a stable and consistent balance so you can return to your home country. If you have successfully completed trips to other countries, it will lead the visa officer to believe that you can do the same with Canada.

Despite the above, the most successful way of how to get a tourist visa for Canada is working with a professional immigration agency such as Sazan Consulting.