April 16, 2019

Turn to our Business Visa Consultants to establish your business in Canada.

Experienced business owners who wish to own and deal in business in Canada are ideal applicants for the business visa. Sazan Consulting business visa consultants are happy to help our clients establish a successful business in Canada that makes a positive contribution in the Canadian economy and raises employment opportunities in Canada.Turn to our Business Visa Consultants to establish your business in Canada.

Our business visa consultants carefully review all your documents related to business, experience and gain knowledge about your personal net worth. Evaluation on business and objectives are also done before filing for a Canadian business visa. We see to it that you file for the most suitable category that fit your needs such as the entrepreneur, self employed or the investor category.

If you wish to gain a entrepreneur business visa, you will not be eligible to seek employment or be permitted to work in Canada. This also implies that you have to initiate business in certain areas in which entrepreneur visa holders settle in Canada. The visa given under this category is a conditional one and you must comply with all it’s rules for three years in order to gain a permanent residency visa.

Sazan Consulting business visa consultants prepare your file and manage your application. We equip you with helpful tips and answers for expected interview questions. These steps form a very crucial stage of the application approval process. A business visa is also granted to those who would like to make a business trip to Canada on behalf of their company. In every instance, a visa is subject to entry permission by an immigration officer and can be revoked at any time.

Other foreign nationals that are eligible to obtain a business visa are those who are partners in the business and/or functioning as directors in a company. Senior executives of the firms, experts, tour conductors, travel agents etc. visiting in connection with work related to projects of national importance those undertaken by public sector undertakings and conducting business tour. For technical meetings/discussions, attend board meetings, general meetings for providing business services support. Sazan Consulting is a leading immigration consultancy that is a known name in visa and immigration services.